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Why dedicated software?

The expectations of IT systems companies have nowadays become far greater than range of features the available solutions can offer out-of-the-box.
It is no longer enough to use off-the-shelf software to run a business in an efficient way, as the standard products typically include a host of useless features or are simply too complex for the casual user. Tailor-made applications are a solution here.
Dedicated software can be flexibly customised and adjusted to your special needs. Moreover, it can be expanded as new requirements emerge. Bespoke software is adapted to the structure of your enterprise, uses the terminology peculiar to your business and does not require you to adapt your business to the software you use.
Dedicated software has the benefit of not including the features the user does not need. It is easy to use even by untrained staff. This benefit is highly valued by SMEs, which typically cannot afford increasing their payroll costs by hiring new permanent staff with specialised skills.
In addition, depending on the needs, dedicated applications can be shared online to facilitate access to the company to its customers and partners.

The Client does not need to worry about implementation work, staff training or maintenance of their software. The developer provides end-to-end support and supervision throughout its entire life cycle.

Stages of dedicated software development:

By choosing Invent On, you choose top quality software development and delivery service. Our focus on the quality of the technologies and the source code we offer enables our Clients to enjoy the convenience of working with efficient and friendly systems and rest assured they can be developed further if needed. The effort and care we invest in the relationships with our Clients gives you the certainty that your users receive support even after the project has ended


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